Jodo Cloud greatly reduces on-site real estate, maintenance and costs by converting traditional telephony to digital signals which can be transported on local- and wide-area networks (LAN and WAN). National and international inbound numbers (PSTN) may be terminated locally through a Cloud gateway, providing internet-based protocols (SIP) through high-quality voice conversions (MPLS) for internal/Cloud IVR functions and call routing, conferencing, transfers, etc. through JODO Voice. As a typical call flow; callers dial a national number which is routed locally to a gateway which converts the traditional telephony into a digital signal, which is then relayed across a local- or wide- area network (LAN/WAN) to IVR, queue, ACD, resources and/or endpoints within your enterprise.  Cloud Telecom from Avhan Technologies replaces legacy on-site telephony at every connected site, greatly reducing communications and operating costs.


  • Converging data and voice services across networks.
  • Combining legacy platforms (SMS, etc.) with new technologies (IM, etc.).
  • Reducing the complexity of product offerings and tariffs.
  • Back Office and Middleware integration for Front Line services.
  • Providing multi-lingual capabilities in theatres of operations.


  • Improving the total cost of ownership by combining disparate technologies, processes and channels.
  • Providing borderless, scalable and flexible infrastructures.
  • Enhancing efficiencies through flexible resource management.
    Adapting to change with rapid service deployments.
  • Multiple device interoperability.
  • Pay-per-use modular pricing structure.
  • Low migration and hybrid build costs for new technologies.
  • Secure cloud data stacks removing complexity and operations on-site.