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Create LIVE D2C Customer conversations from Email, QR, PDF, Office files, YouTube Videos

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Start LIVE Video, Voice & Chat conversations from emails, PDFs, QR codes, & banner ads with customers. jodoLink lets your customers start LIVE conversations from any browser on any device.

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Direct Connections

Direct Voice & Video conversation via a simple link from any digital asset or element.

Enhanced Marketing

Embed jodoLinks in emails, QR codes in Newspapers, Posters, PDF.

Share Globally

Share the link & start a conversation from any Social Media post.


Jodo Link is offered in 2 variants: Individual users or teams.


Device, bandwidth & location detection, customer profiles with interaction history, & connections based on business objectives


Supports all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox Edge & Safari.


Conversations can be directly integrated into CRMs, ERPs, & HRMS within the same frame.

Secure & Compliant

HTTPS, APPSEC, OFCOM, TRAI, FCC & Recorded Conversations.

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Business Scenarios

jodoLink creates new opportunities for customer connections and lets you make the most of those opportunites. With jodoLink your business can harness the power of Video, Voice, Screen Share & Chat from any device with an easy to use & powerful link. Adopt jodoLink to Improve Workflows, Enhance Customer Experience, Create Lucrative Marketing Campaigns, Enable Easy Support, & much more
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Start live D2C Voice & Video
from your email campaigns

Bank A has launched a new housing loan scheme and with it, runs a new email marketing campaign.

The email contains a “Talk to Us” link for interested customers to securely connect through voice or Video call (the call will start in a new tab in the browser) to bank A’s sales representatives to help them with more info or on how to apply for the loan.

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QR Code

Home appliance company B wants to transform their customer support for a new range of microwaves they have recently released.

They want their customers to be able to quickly & easily setup the microwave.

To help alleviate any potential issues that may arise during the process they have added a QR Code sticker to the microwave for quick Video support

The QR code has a JodoLink embedded in it.

All the customer needs to do to start a video support call is to scan the QR code

The call is initiated directly from their device through the browser.

Embed>Scan>Connect its simple with JodoLink.

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