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Create better financial relationships.

Through secure personal employee-customer conversations across your business

With Jodo For Finance & Insurance

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One framework for all your business connections

Convenient, hassle-free, quick – redefine your customer services!


Secure VideoKYC for customers directly from your website

Complex Made Easy

Assist customers during their onboarding journey in realtime with live screen and doc share

Virtual Numbers

Virtual numbers for a direct one to one connection between customers and their relationship managers

Jodo Link

Secure digital video calling with Jodo Link for an enhanced customer experience

Secure database

100% secure interaction logs and recording

Risk Management

Better risk management with improved security and accountability.

Money On the table

Reduction in operating costs

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Assurance of Productivity
for the Business of

API's for Integration

Real-time access to the right policy, client, and claims data.

No Wait Assessment

Real-time assessment of damage, injuries, and property loss with Jodo Video.

Better Processing Time

Real-time processing of claims, no more piled up work-load

On-demand Video verification

Easy & secure customer verification from the comfort of their homes

United teams

Connected delivery agencies, branch offices, and support centres functioning in tandem

Liability Management

Better risk management, higher transparency, due accountability

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On-demand video, voice & chat for your customers from your websites, emails, QR codes & more

Quick adoption

Quickly adopt WFH business models, & integrate with CRMs and new-age collaboration tools.


100 % reliable data w.r.t. customer location and identity records


Easy digital & traditional communication channels integration.

Better Engagement

Easy team & Customer engagement through any channel from anywhere with browser based solutions.

Privacy Protection

Globally connected virtual numbers for company and employee protection.

Effective Handling

Easy digital & traditional communication channels integration.


Easy team & Customer engagement through any channel from anywhere with browser based solutions.


Global Compliance with OFCOM, APSEC, & TRAI

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Business Scenarios

Financial services see increased competition when it comes to quantum of sales of their products such as credit cards, loans, insurance and mortgages.The sales closure gets intense at times, given the intangible natue of their products and the competition. More often than not, the defining USP is marginally different. In such case, the timely introduction & proper follow up is a must for optimizing the marketing campaign. Our client in this space did something unprecedented for the same. Here’s is what happened:

Automation for Collection Management

No-lapse, No-Halt, No Incidents. Quite important for our client in insurance. To facilitate the free & timely communication with their policy holders, they leveraged Jodo Integration in their CRM.

A leading insurance company in India needed to automate reminders customers 5 days prior to ther policy renewal date to prevent their policy from lapsing.

They have integrated Jodo C3 into their CRM to automate the process.

Jodo C3 pull data from the CRM based on the company’s cutomized business workflows and automatically dials out the respective customers on the list.

During the dial out process Jodo C3 automatically pulls cusotmer policy data and provides it to the customer via advanced TTS (Text to speech); customer also have the option to speak to an employee or connect to a payment gateway securely.

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Claim's Management

Clear, accurate assessment of damage for transparent claims processing is what our client in Insurance was looking for. And Jodo provided them with a tool (Video Calling facility) that will ensure free flowing process, so that each party is served with what is due to them.

A leading insurance company has decided to improve their customer experience during their claims management process.

In order to achieve this they integrate Jodo Digital’s Video calling solution to make it easier for their field employees & customers to securly interact and make on-the-go damage assessment easier.

Jodo Digital also allows customers to directly connect to their relationship manager using a simple link without the need for any special app or device.

All customer-employee interactions are recorded and can be recalled for QA and review at any time.

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