Supercharge your BPO!

Where your resource is near-shore, offshore or remote or at home - and disconnected from your core enterprise systems or your CRM or ERP solutions - JODO Cloud allows you to combine technologies, services and disparate resources. With interaction controls, you can combine communications for your customers, clients and resources through skill sets, languages, geographical locations - or any number of identifying elements important to your business - and then orchestrate them, globally.

Global Service Provisions

JODO Cloud operates globally – anywhere in the connected world. With solutions for voice, video, email, SMS, web, social media, chatbots – and supporting data flows, documents and internal or external interactions with granular monitoring and reporting,

JODO Cloud provides a fully-loaded platform for BPO resource operations, monitoring, and management. The JODO Cloud platform is also granular – which means you have control over every aspect of your BPO operations and you can decide when to enable changes on-the-fly – in minutes, not months!

Centralized Command and Control

JODO Cloud offers centralized command and control of BPO assets by providing a core structure which emulates your workforce. Individual identification, location, geography, language(s), skills and skills levels – everything you need to combine and organize communications and interactions between resources anywhere in the connected world – in minutes!